About Blether

What is Blether?

Blether is the online playground of Dan Champion, web consultant, smallholder, toy fan and technology bootstrapper. Here you'll find articles, opinions and occasionally facts about web development, accessibility and e-government, with some other stuff slipped in from time-to-time about gaming, Chelsea Football Club and running. I'm passionate about web standards and web accessibility - there really is no other sensible way to build websites these days - if you're already a convert, welcome comrade; if you're still using table-based layouts, <font> tags and animated gifs, welcome too, but please pay attention. :O)

The views expressed here are my own. They may or may not represent those of my employer.

If you do have something to say either in response to something posted here or about any of these subjects, please use the comment facility or email me. My initials are dc, and this is blether.com. You can hopefully work it out from there.

What does blether mean?

Blether is a Scots word which can be used as a verb or a noun. The verb means to chat idly, to chew the fat, to pass the time of day (you get the idea), for example "we were just blethering", as my wife tells me after an hour on the telephone to her sister. As a noun the word is a gentle term for a liar or fibber, someone who is telling porkies (you get the idea again). Tell someone a tall story and they might proclaim you "a blether". Hence the styling (and I use the term loosely) of the site. Look out for more, exciting blethers coming soon.

So why blether?

Blether started life as a book review site in 1999, designed to give ordinary readers the chance to share their views on the books they were reading. It was pretty popular in its time, with more than 11,000 reviews posted over the course of 6 years. The domain seemed to fit the paradigm of the site - after all book reviews are no more than the subjective opinion of the reader. Time moves on though, and in summer 2005 the site was closed for new reviews, having been neglected for some years by me (but not the reviewers).

The site can still be accessed at http://reviews.blether.com, but if you're interested in book reviews you'd be much better off checking out the new book review site, Revish.